Matthew Wronka


  • Social media / democratizing technologies
  • Distributed systems / cloud computing / ubiquitous computing
  • Artificial intelligence / intelligent agents
  • Semantic web / ontology / sociology / psychology / philosophy

Experience building and leading front-end, back-end, and operations teams in developing large-scale multi-platform (including Web, Android, iOS) applications responsible for millions of dollars in daily revenue and a strong focus on user-first development and API-first design, leveraging 15+ years of professional experience as an individual contributor, with previous experience in research, machine learning, personalization, large-scale distributed systems, localization and new market development.

Professional Experience

TripAdvisor, Needham Heights, Massachusetts USA
Associate Director
2022 — present
  • Experiences Platform 2023 — present
    • Managed multiple teams responsible for designing, extending, and running the services powering the Experiences (attractions, tours, tickets, etc.) data shown on the Tripadvisor site, in native iOS/Android applications, as well as internal and third-party integrations.
  • B2C Supply 2022 — 2023
    • Developed back-end roadmap for the services driving POI and commerce content and features to end-user surfaces (notably Web and Native apps).
    • Coördinated with product and other engineering teams to align quarterly roadmaps and support company objectives.
Technical Manager
2019 — 2022
  • B2C Platform 2020 — 2022
    • Coördinated development between back-end and front-end teams as part of a shift of our core pages to a new server-driven presentation model, providing for improved encapsulation and front-end code reuse.
    • Investigated and designed a replacement experimentation infrastructure to allow for improved testing flow and improved isolation of a/b testing logic.
  • Experiences Demand 2019 — 2020
    • Led performance-improvement project for Experiences business unit, culminating in cross-team development and roll-out of a new GraphQL+React.js platform improving Google Lighthouse score from 20-30s to upper-90s, and which is being adopted throughout the site.
Principal Software Engineer
2006 — 2019
  • Hotel Demand 2017 — 2019
    • Managed the successful launch of a sponsored ads product comprising a team of 8-10 engineers and cross-business to-market coördination
    • Directed development and design of a general-purpose, real-time, ad-delivery and management system. Gathered cross-business requirements and managed communication with internal launch partners.
  • Consumer Targeting 2016 — 2017
    • Developed and implemented real-time system for determining content apropos of a visitor or app user
    • Provided off-line analytical tools for evaluating historical visitors
  • Market Development/Localization Engineering 2010 — 2016
    • Led cross-platform, cross-organization effort to standardize available I18N functionality
    • Managed coördination between US-based engineering team with EU and Asia-based product management teams
    • Extended and constructed core functionality to support localization needs and under-served market segments
    • Numerous localizations, including Eastern, Slavic, and Semitic languages
  • Community 2012 — 2013
    • Managed Engineering/Product relationship for local (e.g. eatery and attraction) related projects
    • Developed and implemented a process for merging and verifying licensed POI data from multiple sources
    • Worked on Social initiatives, integrating with leading social network sites
  • Mobile 2009 — 2012
  • Core Engineering 2006 — 2009
    • Maintained, improved, and developed new core-product functionality
    • Worked with both US and foreign third-parties to launch, develop, and improve integrated products
  • Gave regular engineering-wide presentations on infrastructure/best-practices
  • Primary tools: Java, Dust, React.js, AJAX, Velocity, CSS, Hadoop, PostgreSQL, Linux
  • Company grew from ~60 employees (2006) to 3000+ (2016)
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island USA 2004 — 2006
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York USA 2003 — 2004
Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, Niskayuna, New York USA
Summer Intern
  • Reverse engineered 3D scene-based file formats, created import filters for in-house cross-platform 3D modeling software
  • Evaluated/advised on hardware purchases, worked with vendors to address problems
  • Received "L" ("Secret") level clearance from U.S. D.O.E.
  • Primary tools: C++, Cygwin, MSVC++, Irix, WindowsNT, OpenGL
Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, New Jersey USA
Temporary Technical Employee (Intern)
2001, 2002
  • Worked on health-care management system for Siemens' Medical
  • Wrote bridging software for Simatic Step 7 PLC controlling software and Microsoft Project
  • Primary tools: J2EE, JSP/EJB, Swing, Apache Tomcat, WebSphere, Visual Basic, VBA/Microsoft Project


Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island USA
Research Assistant
2004 — 2006
  • Research focused on peer-to-peer networks and distributed protocols
  • Graduate level courses in distributed systems and large scale network systems
  • Graduate level courses in natural language processing, computational vision, and machine learning
  • Primary tools: Python, C, Java, Perl, Matlab/Octave
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York USA
M.S., Computer Science (GPA 4.0/4.0), May, 2004
2003 — 2004
B.S., Computer Science / Philosophy (Dual, GPA 3.86/4.0), May, 2003
2000 — 2003

Curriculum Vitæ, Information

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For Recruiters

At the moment, I am only irregularly monitoring communications. I am not actively looking for alternative employment at this time.

If you wish to approach me, please provide some specific information regarding the position you have in mind. I will not return phone calls or electronic mail without this information.

More Resources

Although not included on my one-page C.V., the following might also be of interest:

Other Experience

I've either previous or current experience with writing, configuring, or maintaing a broad collection of technologies, including the following:

Mobile programming
  • Java: Java2 MicroEdition (J2ME, MIDP), Google Android (Dalvik)
  • C: Maemo, MeeGo; ObjectiveC: Apple iOS
Web programming
  • PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
  • ECMAScript, JavaScript
  • HTML, XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), WAP, WML
  • Authentication: RADIUS, WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access), Kerberos (MIT krb5); NIS (yp)
  • eMail: IMAP (Courier, Dovecot), SMTP (postfix, exim, qmail), various filtering solutions
  • Basic (primarily Linux) network administration including iptables, 802.1q (VLAN), bridging, IPv6/4
  • Network file systems: NFS/AFS (Andrew File System/openafs)
  • VoIP/IM: Soft PBX using SIP, IAX (Asterisk); XMPP (Jabberd, EJabberd)
  • Xen virtualization